Writing Classes for Grades 3 - 10

Fairfield, CT and online too!

                  Would you like your children to write eloquently? Do your children need to approach their writing assignments with more confidence? Do you want their writing abilities to adequately reflect their comprehension and vocabulary? Sign up for Brainy Alley classes, which have motivated hundreds of excellent readers to become inspired writers in CT, NJ, NY, NC, TX and OR. Most of these students have achieved confidence in their writing in 2 - 3 sessions, though many continue to return year after year, to keep their skills sharp.
               Science, Art, The Stock Market Game, or Creative Problem-Solving Workshops to support critical thinking are also offered intermitently for Grades 3 - 8! 
These workshops include hands-on projects, integrated art appreciation and science classes, stock market game, and much more beyond the public school menu.  Students also learn other qualitites necessary for success: a "can-do" attitude, persistance, positive social interaction, and presentation skills. 

Brainy Alley Classes - helping young writers find their voice and young thinkers enlighten their vision.