Frequently-Asked Questions 

What is Brainy Alley?
Brainy Alley enriches writing or critical-thinking experiences of proficient readers. All writing classes and workshops are designed to challenge bright and motivated learners, so they can be served beyond the public school menu and bring real-world relevance to academic content. Assignments are not remedial in any way, and require a lot of thought.  The focus is on critical thinking and clear communication. Students are always given detailed feedback for every written assignment and will always learn science and art through hands-on experiments and projects. 

How do I register my child?
Create an account on the website, wait for administrative approval, then enroll your child using PayPal (for online courses) or Offline if you'd rather pay by check. Offline registration is for in-person classes only. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm class placement.


How much homework do the students get? 
Writing: Students usually get three pieces of homework - one long piece (45 minutes or so), one vocabulary piece (15 minutes), and some text-based writing (30 minutes). Students can skip homework once in a while, but never two weeks in a row. If a child has no time to complete homework, there will be no improvement and there is no point in wasting time or effort attending classes. 
Science: About 20 minutes, to record learning.
Art: Students will start a project in class and may have to  finish at home.However, they can choose not to complete it.

Where and when is the program held?
Brainy Alley runs writing classes online, and
Fairfield Grace United Methodist Church, 1089 Fairfield Woods Road, in Fairfield, CT. All other workshops are held in person. The schedule is updated periodically, before a new session begins.


How can you enroll your child in Brainy Alley classes?
1. Check the schedule posted online, and if suitable,
2. Create an account on the website, wait for it to be approved and register your child.

If the schedule does not work, please check back in case new timings are offered. Or, find a few friends and request a class. Generally, 4 students are needed to run a class, but it depends on availability. One-on-one tutoring is not offered at this point.


Can you enroll your child for trial classes?

No, trial classes are not offered as it rarely ever helps, especially in writing. Writing is a process and while some pointers may be understood in 2-3 weeks, no adult or child can improve writing significantly in a matter of a few classes. There is an option to try a few Integrated and Science classes, but students have to commit to attending both parts of the class. 


Do you refund fees/make-up for unattended classes?
There are no refunds after the first assignment is corrected, and there is no time to make-up classes. So please check and double-check whether the schedule works, your child is on board about working hard, and what the classes truly entail. If your child misses 2-3 classes in a row, they will never catch up with the others.

What about discounts?
Except for a $25 referral discount given once, if you refer a new student who enrolls in a session,there is no discount given. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS NO DISCOUNT GIVEN FOR 2-4 DAY WORKSHOPS OR SIBLINGS, because every student requires individual attention, and time taken to correct each assignment does not decrease with increased enrollment.

Is my child guaranteed to improve?
There is no formal assessment provided. IF they are good readers, most children have been known to find their school tasks easier after completing a couple of our modules, as they would after attending any other academic enrichment class. Brainy Alley classes guide children in their thinking process, and does not "teach to the test" at any time.