My sons started writing classes only last semester with Mrs. Kirti Vyas and I am very impressed with her teaching style and to see how much kids have improved their writing skills in such a short time. She is a very dedicated teacher. Each week she is prepared for the class with meticulously organized lesson plans and she provides extensive feedback on children's work. I would highly recommend her class to any parent.
                                                                                            - Navamali A. CT           

If you want to write, come to this class
When you learn new things, time will pass
You can make so many friends
And the fun never ends
We learn not to use boring words like things, good, or nice
I use details like telling the price
Our writing teacher tells us tips to make our story funny
If you read our stories, they will make a gloomy day sunny
You should join this thrilling class
So you could write wonderful stories, even about grass.
                                                      -  Shivani, NC


"I feel quality writing needs creative imagination, compelling vocabulary and its usage in the right context. Kirti has been very effective in helping to build my son's vocabulary and in his usage of it effectively, paired with his imagination. One of  his essay inspired from a Picasso painting is a testimony to how much difference she made to this young writer's writing skill."
                                                                                         - Madhavi A, TX

The teacher makes you feel that you want to sit there and do more work and enjoy writing. I would recommend this class to kids that need to make their writing spectacular."

                                                      - Akhil, CT


Mrs. Kirti Vyas has all the teaching skills which a person needs to be a good teacher, moreover a good friend to the little ones. Her traits have helped my child to clear the blocks on his language art skills. In fact, my son improved a lot in his writing skills after the classes with Mrs. Kirti Vyas. I’d like to add my words to all parents of grade student / students that you should not miss her classes.

                                                                     - Deepa N, CT

“I loved Brainy Alley. I think it brought out my creative side. It was really fun when we made the play.” 

-- Tyler, CT